Engineering Education in Tamil Nadu

Engineering education is the activity of teaching knowledge and principles related to the professional practice of engineering. It includes the initial education for becoming an engineer and any advanced education and specializations that follow. In India, there are several engineering colleges imparting undergraduate and graduate courses in engineering, applied engineering and sciences. The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and the National Institutes of Technology (NITs) are the renowned and reputed institutes in the country.

In addition to IITs and NITs, various universities in 28 states of India are offering Graduate and Post Graduate Degrees in this country. Tamil Nadu is one of the 28 states of India. Tamil Nadu is the eleventh largest state in India by area and the seventh most populous state. It is the second largest state economy in India as of 2012. The state ranked 6th among states in India according to the Human Development Index as of 2011. The state has the highest number (10.56 per cent) of business enterprises and stands second in total employment (9.97 per cent) in India compared to the population share of about 6 per cent.

Tamil Nadu is one of the most literate states in India.The state's literacy rate is 80.33% in 2011, which is above the national average. A survey conducted by the Industry body Assoc ham ranks Tamil Nadu top among Indian states with about 100% Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER) in primary and upper primary education.

Tamil Nadu is one of the most literate states in India. Tamil Nadu has performed reasonably well in terms of literacy growth during the decade 2001-2011. Tamil Nadu has 37 universities, 560 engineering colleges, 449 Polytechnic Colleges and 566 arts and science colleges, 34335 elementary schools, 5167 high schools, 5054 higher secondary schools and 5000 hospitals. Tamil Nadu now has 69 per cent reservation in educational institutions for socially backward section of the society, the highest among all Indian states.

Tamil Nadu Directorate Of Technical Education (TNDTE) under the control of the Tamil Nadu Higher Education Department deals with Diploma, Post Diploma, Degree, Post Graduate courses and Research programmes. It also regulates the establishment of technical institutions including commerce institutions such as Typewriting, Shorthand and Accountancy.

Tamil Nadu is dedicated to achieving excellence in engineering education, education that is effective, engaged, and efficient. The universities and Engineering colleges in Tamilnadu are committed to foster a climate of continuous improvement in engineering education so as to increase its utility from the perspective of employers, academic institutions, current and former engineering students, and society-at-large.

State government of Tamil Nadu has a policy to accept that they too have deep stakes in raising quality of Engineering education in their institutions and is ready to partner with the Centre in the matter. With the greatest infrastructural facilities available in the state, the state government of Tamil Nadu can command the academic, intellectual and administrative expertise, as well as the passion and the energies to take major responsibilities in the sphere of Engineering Education.

In response to the changing nature of engineering practice, and its globalization, the engineering institutions in Tamilnadu have been reforming their offerings. In the classroom, the emphasis is typically moving from 'teaching' to 'learning', where student centered active learning is seen as the goal. Modern technologies, particularly in computers and communications, are having major positive impacts on how the education is being delivered, and how students and faculty interact with one another. Broadening of the curriculum to include teamwork and communication skills, business and entrepreneurship elements, international dimensions, sustainable development, etc., is occurring throughout engineering education. In addition, outcomes assessment is replacing technique specifications in shaping the engineering curriculum and its evaluation.

Welcome to all aspirants of Engineering Education throughout the globe to Tamilnadu, the hub of Engineering Education in India!

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